Training and Associations

PMANZ Members

pest-management-associationPestCo is a member of the Pest Management Association of New Zealand (PMANZ), an industry-leading organisation founded in 1976 and representing the most experienced, educated and innovative pest control professionals. All of our pest technicians are registered with PMANZ and the organisation’s strict membership criteria ensures that pest control services are provided by fully trained technicians who operate safely, according to a code of ethics and with high standards of quality.


Trained in Pest Management

Our technicians hold National Certificates in Urban Pest Management, a Level 2 NZQA certification that covers industry specific health safety, risk assessment, pest identification, safe pesticide practices and industry documentation.


Educated in the 4 Essentials of IPM

All PestCo technicians are seasoned practitioners of Integrated Pest Management. Our IPM programme relies on a deep understanding of the biology, life cycles and habits of all types of pests. This educated, four-point approach to pest control depends on our skilled technicians assessing properties and facilities and identifying multiple methods for deterring pests, based on their habits and natural predispositions, without the blind reliance on costly and toxic chemicals.

AIB Compliant

aib-internationalOur IPM programme meets international standards set by AIB (American Institute of Baking), a global auditing body used by a number of food and non-food industries in New Zealand and Australia. These standards ensure consistent import/export levels of quality and documentation.


Annual Upskilling and Ongoing Assessment

All personnel receive annual upskilling to remain up to date with product innovations and the latest advances in the pest control industry. This ensures you’re working with the some of the most knowledgeable practitioners of pest control in New Zealand.