Health and Safety Compliances

As a division of CrestClean, PestCo is supported by SafePest® our Health, Safety and Environmental Management System.

SafeClean-logoSafePest® is designed to minimise the risks of our work at your premises and complies with ASNZ: 4801, ISO: 14001, Contractor Prequalification and ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices.

SafePest®  meets ‘best practice’ requirements for Safe Working Procedures, workforce participation, corporate responsibility and governance.

How SafePest® works:

Mandates Training

Our personnel are properly inducted onto your site, and they receive specific health and safety training as part of SafePest®. This includes induction training, proficiency assessments and annual upskilling. Site Safe Passports are issued where required.


Provides Documentation

A SafePest®. Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems Booklet is installed on site.
It outlines our systems and includes:

  • Health and Safety and Environmental Policies
  • Site Induction Register
  • Risk Hazards and Controls of our services
  • Hazardous Goods and Controls
  • Site Specific / Customer Provided Hazards and Controls
  • Material Safety Data Sheets of chemicals used
  • Pest Sighting Logs
  • Pest Service Records and Agreements
  • Pesticide Application Logs


Ensures Compliance

SafePest® meets ASNZ: 4801, ISO: 14001 and ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices.


Allows Reporting

SafePest® allows specific reporting; it is hosted on a customised Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, which provides an up-to-the-minute database of our health and safety systems. Any new hazards, incidents or near misses can be reported, and action plans created with assigned tasks and deadlines. This technology makes “I didn’t know” an excuse of the past.

Contractor Prequalification

Through CrestClean we maintain Contractor Prequalification status with PREQUAL, an independent pre-qualifier of the Health, Safety and Environmental practices of contractors.



PestCo is committed to ensuring the safety of our personnel, your staff and your customers whilst we are working on your premises.