AIB Standards

PestCo’s Integrated Pest Management Programme follows AIB International Consolidated Standards.

  • Recognised worldwide, these pest control protocols are set and audited by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and used by many large companies in New Zealand, in both the food service and non-food service industries.
  • Integrated Pest Management is one of five Consolidated Standards within the AIB programme, which collectively outline key benchmarks an AIB-audited facility must meet.
  • As a contractor, PestCo is not required to be audited by AIB International, however we work with facilities and companies that are, and we’ll work with you to establish and maintain these standards.

PestCo complies with AIB Standards by providing:


  • A documented Integrated Pest Management Programme that takes into account your premise’s unique requirements, site-specific risks and your established safety programme.
  • A signed agreement that outlines the individual responsibilities of PestCo personnel and the customer.
  • A PestCo Integrated Pest Management Folder installed on site containing:
  1. Site Plan showing placements of all trap and monitoring devices and including a Pest Sighting Log, Service Records, Pesticide Application Records and Corrective Actions.
  2. Material Safety Data Sheets and Pesticide Specimen Labels
  3. Technicians’ Qualifications and Licences
  4. Public Liability Insurance Certificate
  5. Health, Safety and Environmental Policies
  6. Site-Specific Hazards Register
  7. PestCo’s Spill Response Plan



  • IPM implementation by trained and licensed PestCo personnel.
    Routine, scheduled and notified assessments inside and outside the facility by PestCo to monitor effectiveness, report results and adjust corrective actions.
  • AIB-compliant interior and exterior pest monitoring devices, traps and baits, placed in all required areas and checked as mandated by their individual standards.
  • Humane bird and wildlife controls and removals in accordance with local and national regulations.
  • No chemical storage on site, which minimises the risk of accidents and exposure and protects the health and safety of your personnel, your customers, and the general public.


PestCo works with you to maintain your standards.