Standards & Compliances

PestCo works with you to maintain your standards. Our pest technicians are experienced exterminators, working in all types of environments, internal and external, rural and urban, providing safe and environmentally responsible prevention and extermination services in offices, manufacturing facilities, industrial warehouses, food preparation and storage sites, schools and accommodations.

Fully trained in the latest environmentally responsible and humane extermination techniques, they operate with the support of robust and comprehensive systems established by CrestClean, in business since 1996 and operating in 26 New Zealand regions.

Contractor Prequalification

Through CrestClean we maintain Contractor Prequalification status with PREQUAL, an independent pre-qualifier of the Health, Safety and Environmental practices of contractors.


PestCo Work Standards

  • On-time and regular service.
  • We protect our customer’s assets and reputation.
  • We follow Strict Health and Safety protocols.
  • No hidden costs, no levies and no installation fees.
  • Working together as a partnership to keep your property pest-free.

All PestCo extermination processes and products comply with New Zealand’s Health and Safety at Work Act, Food and Environmental Protection Act (FEPA), Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR), Environmental Protection Act and Food Safety Act.


PestCo’s Integrated Pest Management programme abides by AIB International Consolidated Standards. These globally recognised pest control protocols are set and audited by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and used by many large companies in New Zealand, in both the food service and non-food service industries.

No matter your industry or whether you import, export or operate domestically, our comprehensive documentation supports our actions in the field and complies with the necessary requirements for AIB-audited facilities.

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Our Pest Technicians are registered with the Pest Management Association of New Zealand (PMANZ). Annual upskilling keeps them abreast of industry innovations and compliances.
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Health and Safety

SafeClean®, our Health, Safety and Environmental Management System reduces the risk of our work at your premises. SafeClean® ensures that risks are minimised and all Health and Safety compliances are met.
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Customer Care as Industry Professionals

PestCo technicians are supported by CrestClean’s local Regional Managers, streamlining account management and simplifying service requests and invoicing. Our robust reporting system will satisfy your pest control compliances. We help protect our customers’ assets and reputation.
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Security Vetting and Insurance

All employees undertake a Ministry of Justice criminal background check, credit checks and confirmation of character by personal referees. PestCo holds Public Liability insurance cover of $20 million.

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PestCo doesn’t trade in the harsh pesticides and extermination methods of the past. Our technicians are educated in Integrated Pest Management, a sensible and humane process that can be used to manage all types of pests in all types of environments by combining methods such as controlling access, limiting food, and targeted trapping.

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