Possums, Rabbits, Feral Cats

As with birds, these wild mammals often carry diseases. The first line of defence is a fence, but if that’s not possible making your property unattractive to them will prevent them from moving in.

Top Tips

Don’t feed them and eliminate potential food sources, such as open rubbish bins.
Wild cats are a serious threat to native birds. Behaviourally they are completely different to domestic cats… they are unfriendly, unpredictable wild animals and should not be approached by humans.


critter-iconFrom the annals of feral cat infamy: in 1894, a pregnant cat escaped on Stephens Island at the northernmost tip of the Marlborough Sounds, not long after a lighthouse was built and keeper installed.

Within months, a cat was seen snacking on wrens unique to the island. Within the year the Stephens Island wren was virtually extinct in spite of efforts from renowned bird lover Walter Buller to preserve the population. However, it was too late. By 1898, the island was reported to be “swarming with cats.” Men with guns were dispatched, but it took more than 30 years to finally make the island cat-free again.

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