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Bug Control for Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Weevils, Beetles, Silverfish

For the most part, these pests would rather eat your lunch than you, and they proliferate when humans get sloppy and buildings and grounds maintenance is deferred. Cockroaches love an overflowing rubbish bin and all they need is a dark place to hide during daylight hours. Other pests like spiders, beetles and ants rest in vegetation outside and move inside from there, so an overgrown garden can be just a stepping stone toward more up-market quarters in your kitchen.

Top Tip

Good hygiene, building maintenance and grounds keeping will hamper the livelihoods of these pests. Dirty air vents that accumulate food odours and floor drains should also be cleaned on a regular basis.



Bug ControlBeheading cockroaches won’t work: they can live without their heads for up to a week, eventually dying from dehydration because they’re no longer able to drink water.

At the other end of the spectrum, silverfish can live for a year without eating, and when they do dine it’s on anything starchy or containing dextrin, such as the adhesives in books, wall plaster and some paints.

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