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PestCo is the pest control division of Crest Commercial Cleaning Ltd. Our fully trained technicians are experts in Residential and Commercial, internal and external Integrated Pest Management, the most effective and environmentally responsible approach to removing unwanted guests from your premises.

We focus on the individual needs of every customer in order to customise internal and external solutions for all varieties of rodents, insects and feral critters. Our operations adhere to international standards set by AIB and our SafePest® system and ensures that all of our activities are fully health and safety compliant.

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An introduction to Integrated Pest Management

Pest Control ServicesIntegrated Pest Management is an educated, strategic approach to pest control that minimises risks to people and the environment. By assessing your unique setting and focusing on eliminating factors that are encouraging or supporting pest populations, this sensible and humane process can be used to manage all types of pests in all types of environments – rural, urban and agricultural.

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Directory of Villains


    Rodents commonly forage in a 50-metre radius and one colony may be dominating an entire building.


    Good hygiene, building maintenance and targeted grounds keeping will really cramp their style.


    Flies often breed in areas that are often overlooked during your cleaning, such as floor drains and bins.


    These four-footed foes often carry diseases and the first line of defence is making your property unattractive.


    These pests are easily transmitted among people and pets, and then transported to new locales.

Our Standards & Compliances

Pests are smart, but PestCo is smarter, and much better looking. We make sure all our Technicians are fully trained and compliant with the strictest industry standards.

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    Waikato braced for airborne invaders

    The heat’s on Waikato residents to take immediate action to avoid being plagued by summer’s airborne invaders. With the fly season upon us, PestCo Technician Mike Wills says prompt action

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  • You don’t have to pay through the nose to get rid of wasps - just call in PestCo’s Mike Wills.

    Avoid a stinging summer by calling in PestCo

    Residents are being urged to be on their guard to avoid a stinging start to summer. After a very mild winter, bugs and insects are already on the move with

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  • Finding a cockroach in a handbag would send anyone into a panic mode.

    Is your bag carrying a creepy-crawly hitchhiker?

    The contents of a woman’s handbag can be a mystery. But while it’s likely to contain a multitude of things that sustain and comfort her during every day living, an

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  • The white-tailed spider has a distinctive spot on its abdomen.

    Spider spray keeps the spiders away

    Arachnophobics in the Bay of Plenty have been warned to take action now to avoid being bugged by spiders this summer. PestCo Technician Mike Wills says an exterior spray will

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  • Rats will jump from a tree to a roof if there are overhanging branches.

    Surge in calls to deal with rats in Auckland

    An exceptionally warm winter in Auckland could herald a spring and summer plagued with rodents and bugs. Rats and mice are an all-round pest but this year has been particularly

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