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PestCo is the pest control division of Crest Commercial Cleaning Ltd. Our fully trained technicians are experts in Residential and Commercial, internal and external Integrated Pest Management, the most effective and environmentally responsible approach to removing unwanted guests from your premises.

We focus on the individual needs of every customer in order to customise internal and external solutions for all varieties of rodents, insects, birds and feral critters. Our operations adhere to international standards set by AIB and our SafePest® system and ensures that all of our activities are fully health and safety compliant.

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An introduction to Integrated Pest Management

Pest Control ServicesIntegrated Pest Management is an educated, strategic approach to pest control that minimises risks to people and the environment. By assessing your unique setting and focusing on eliminating factors that are encouraging or supporting pest populations, this sensible and humane process can be used to manage all types of pests in all types of environments – rural, urban and agricultural.

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    Rodents commonly forage in a 50-metre radius and one colony may be dominating an entire building.


    Good hygiene, building maintenance and targeted grounds keeping will really cramp their style.


    Flies often breed in areas that are often overlooked during your cleaning, such as floor drains and bins.


    Birds seem harmless, but they harbour several diseases that can be transmitted to humans.



    These four-footed foes often carry diseases and the first line of defence is making your property unattractive.


    These pests are easily transmitted among people and pets, and then transported to new locales.


Our Standards & Compliances

Pests are smart, but PestCo is smarter, and much better looking. We make sure all our Technicians are fully trained and compliant with the strictest industry standards.


  • rat-pest

    Bumper Crop of Pests Expected for 2015

    Long hot days are great for the summer holidays – unfortunately, pests love them, too. Already pest control technicians throughout New Zealand are reporting increases in call outs for services

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  • Rats are excellent swimmers.

    Video footage demonstrates how rats swim up sewer pipes and into toilets

    A video, filmed by National Geographic, has revealed several skills that rats use to swim up sewer pipes and into toilets. According to the article, published online, rats can tread

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  • PestCo Technician Mike Wills treated this wasp nest that was found in the roof of a property.

    PestCo Technicians kept busy treating wasp nests

    PestCo technicians have been kept busy this summer with a number of treatment requests for wasps, cockroaches, flies, fruit flies, birds, rats and mice, fleas and ants. Technician Mike Wills

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  • An abundance of spring flowering could lead to an eruption of rat populations next year.

    New Zealand could face Rat Plague crisis next year

    Forest and Bird are predicting a pest plaque next winter and spring as a result of abundant beech flowering. “An abundance of beech spring flowering will translate into an abundance

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  • PestCo Service Technician Mike Wills.

    Now is the time to ‘Pest Proof’ your business

    Now is the time to treat flies, fleas, spiders, ants, native cockroaches, rats, mice and other creepy-crawlies before they settle in to your premises and start enjoying the onset of

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  • It is estimated as many as 1.5 million dust mites are crawling around in the average bed.

    Why you should never make your bed

    Leaving your bed unmade reduces the number of dust mites. An article, published on BBC News, revealed there could be up to 1.5 million dust mites crawling around in the

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  • There are 18 native ant species in New Zealand.

    ‘Ant Map’ Provides Extensive Species Record

    The world’s first-ever ant map showing the distribution of the tiny industrious creature has been launched. The interactive map, which took four years to complete, displays the geographic locations of

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  • Cockroaches are the second-most hated pest according to a recent survey.

    What pests do Kiwis hate the most?

    A survey of more than 3000 New Zealanders has revealed spiders are the most disliked critter with cockroaches a close second. Survey findings, published on the New Zealand Herald website,

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  • PestCo Service Technician Mike Wills provides customers with pest control services and Integrated Pest Management programmes.

    PestCo Service Technician Ready for Action

    Removing unwanted guests from your premises forms a key part of Mike Wills’ role. The PestCo Service Technician, who has had 15 years experience in the pest control industry, is

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  • Hundreds of flies were released as part of the unique experiment.

    The Secret Life of Your House

    What happens when thousands of typical household pests are left to their own devices for a month? The documentary The Secret Life of Your House is an ambitious and unique

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  • African pouched rats are trained to sniff out explosives.

    Africa’s Heroic Bomb-Sniffing Rats

                           African pouched rats are assisting with bomb detection in minefields in Africa. They are called ‘Hero Rats’ and spend nine months

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  • PestCo Operations Manager Rowan Washer says a long dry summer has contributed to an influx of rodents in urban areas.

    Monitoring programme key to minimising rodent infestations

    Articles published in the New Zealand Herald revealed a perpetual rat problem in East Auckland after a Selwyn College pupil was bitten after picking up a dying rat and a

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  • CrestClean Tauranga Regional Manager Jan Lichtwark and PestCo Operations Manager Rowan Washer consulted with customers about pest control requirements.

    PestCo gains momentum

    CrestClean’s pest control service PestCo is gaining momentum following its launch in Auckland and Tauranga. PestCo, which is a division of CrestClean, provides customers with pest control services and Integrated

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  • Watch out for pests this summer

    It’s party time for pests, and some holidaymakers are returning to find uninvited, hungry house-sitters lurking at home. Flies, fleas, wasps and rats have been breeding and feeding frenetically and

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